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August 8, 2021 New Moon in Leo

Why is the New moon so important? New Moon's occur when the sun conjuncts the moon both in the same zodiac, ending one cycle and beginning a new 28 day lunar cycle. Hence the 'New Moon' which is the time for rest, reflection and new beginnings. This is a cosmic reminder that every month, or 28 days we have a new opportunity to start fresh. This is why you see so many people doing their New Moon rituals, to get clear on there intentions over the next 28 days, 6 months and even a year.

This being a 🦁 Leo New Moon it is an optimal time to reflect on and really lean into the many lessons the zodiac fire sign has to offer us. This could look like us taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, taking pride in our uniqueness and creativity that flows with it. Giving ourselves generously to others during this new moon in Leo. ♌ This year's Lion's Gate Portal takes place on this new moon which means there will be a definite amplification of opportunity and luck and the Lion's Gate energy to help us boldly open doors with the confidence coming from the Leo energy.

What exactly is the Lion's Gate Portal? You ask? A name of a specific day where three significant things happen, when the sun 🌞 is in the sign in Leo, ♌ the star named sirius rises in the sky and becomes visible to us (which happens every year around August 8th), and the numerological significance of 88. Collectively all these factors are believed to vibrate together in a very special way to offer an especially lucky day of the year.

The star sirius is often considered our 'spiritual sun.' Many ancient societies believe the time when Sirius is reappearing in the sky to be an optimal time of rebirth, spiritual advancement and shifting into a higher state of consciousness. Although the Lion's Gate Portal opens every year, 2021 is extra special because it also happens to be on a Leo New Moon.

The sun and moon squares Uranus so we should look out for themes of sudden shifts in our path, abrupt changes or rebellion. This also could be a time of being courageous, or proactive, fresh starts or wanting to suddenly try something new. Within the world 🌎 at large we will likely see some unexpected events. There maybe a feeling of impending or unexpected changes. This could also be felt collectively within our world or communities or in our interpersonal lives. This could spark anxiety but could potentially lead to excitement while still being in Leo ♌ until August 22.

You might feel called to physically write out your intentions during this time. Exploring the law of attraction, using tools to energticly align and manifest your true dreams into reality. Right now energetically is the equivalent of planting seeds in the spring time when the soil is incredibly fertile. The sun and moon having this aspect with Uranus it is important to remember Uranus represents change. Uranus is the planet of awakening, forcing us to open up and changing the way we go about doing things. Be open to innovated ways we can bring our own uniqueness to the table and offer to our community.

When setting your new moon intentions it is important to step into your inner Leo. If you have Leo in your chart check out what house it lays in and what the themes are within that house and see what you can set intentions within that space. Themes of being noble, confident, generous, caring and athoriative. Aspects of staying in line with your morals and keeping promise to yourself.

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