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Creating Salves

What is a salve?

A salve is essentially something you apply to your skin to heal it. Salves can be a cream, ointment or balm. Salves are made out of waxes and oils to make a material that is semi-solid. Salves stay thick and stable because they usually don't contain any liquid unless a tiny tincture is added.

What is a salve used for?

Commonly salves are vulnerary, used to soothe and heal skin conditions. Some salves are antimicrobial; others are for muscle ache, bruising, and ischemia. Salves are sold in wide-top jars, and are applied with the finger, massaging the product directly into affected tissue.

Herbal Healing salves (what I create)

Herbs have been used since basically the beginning of time. The different herbs, and other natural ingredients, infused into salves serve specific purposes for common concerns.

All without having to slather your body with lab made products that require warning labels. When you use products with safe, all natural ingredients, like herbal salves, you can be confident.

I thought it would be a good time to share a bit more about the process of making salves. The body oils, salves and lip balms all start out the same way in an oil infusion. The herbs come together in a glass jar and then I add an oil base to the jar.

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