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Entity Attachment Disorder

What do you think if when you think if entity attachment? What if I say by adding one word might completely changes it's meaning. When we think of entity attachment disorder I think of addiction, depression, anxiety and unbalances in the body. These behaviors aren't really us and it is more like the pathogenic side of our energetic microbiome. We can break it down to addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sugar, success. These are things that keep us stuck in repetitive patterns and not allow us to reach out higher consciousness.

I just came across this article that got me thinking and really processing things that have happened in my life. My journey has had it's ups and downs using different substances to create a very unhealthy cycle for myself. I just really connect some things when I was reading this article. And I hope learning more may help you a little more on your journey.

Entity attachment disorder is commonly known as addiction, anxiety, mood disorders that causes us to not teach out path of vitality. This narrative causes us to not teach our full potential because we are now stuck in patterns of bad habits like having a smoke after dinner, addictions that keeps us holding onto things that no longer serves us. Being in place where we are unable to let go or having something hold us down because it could be a place where we feel safe but we are unable to reach out higher potential. This existential blockage, where we are unable to grow past our own ceiling of or own current state.

Unless are can find ways to move out of that place and find direct clarity from source energy to create ritual, realign and switch out good quality habits for poor ones. These patterns are like a crime against wisdom but they bring us comfort, safety, and security. We all have different forms of entity attachment and everyones practice for reinforcing positive patterns can include but are not limited to journaling, singing, dancing, meditation, and creating. While you recreate this rituals or good habits we are realigning with a habit of good quality and swapping it out for something that is a poor quality behavioral pattern.

Create a ritual to find a place to come back into to balance. The more we do this the more this place will become familiar. You can create a space to allow yourself to breathe and set and intention for the day. This is a great way to create ritual making it easier to let go and actually see and acknowledge what is no longer serving us. Moving things out that are no longer serving us that we might be holding onto will help let go and remove from the energetic body.

This is a little exercise you can do to move out things that you have been holding onto. Think of a pyramid and the top of the point is above your head and at the four points around you. Visualize that the weight of all those things that are holding you back and send them up the pyramid out of your energetic body. Then send it down the sides of the pyramid. Coming to a state of awareness where your third eye is open and you feel free, invite a golden light to wash over your body. Stay here as long as you need.

Blessed be 💖

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