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Everything you need to know about Forsythia!!

Forsythia's trunk and branches often look wrinkled and marked, this is a sign that they are strong much like an old oak tree. The branches fork off in twos or threes with the angles being about 45,° the branches will got again and again and again turning into a large shrub.

All parts of this plant can be used medicinally this would include the roots, bark, seed pots and flowers. The flowers are often used in a tea and herbal infusions while the other parts are used in different ways. Lian Qiao is the Chinese name for Forsythia. Because it has so many medicinal properties, you may find it offered in herbal skin preparations along with honeysuckle and dandelion. Mostly, the raw fruit of the Forsythia is used to make teas, extracts, and oils. The raw fruit preparations have been shown effective against boils, skin infections, acne and inflammation.

In addition, the leaves and stems, fruit and roots can also be used for homegrown medicinal purposes. Because the plant contains high amounts of oleanolic acid, it can help maintain the heart muscle. Another good quality is an effect on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Most relevant to me was the information that a decoction of Forsythia can prevent vomiting. I really dislike the stomach virus! In addition, traditional Chinese medicine shows forsythia to be a strong, broad-spectrum antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. Making a tea of forsythia leaves might alleviate symptoms of sore throat, diarrhea, and flu.

I enjoy adding fresh flowers to my alter in the spring. These can also be used for other magick associated with new beginning, abundance and happiness.

Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional. All information shared here is for information and entertainment only. Do your own research and consult your health care provider before treating yourself with any product, plant or mixture.

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