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Full Moon in Leo 🦁 February 16, 2022

I like to start off these blogs by sharing what the full moon is and how it connect with us. During this time the full.moom acts as a cosmic spotlight illuminating what has and has not been working for us. This is the midpoint of the lunar cycle and if is when the moon is at it's fullest point. This time of the lunar cycle tends to lead to heightened emotions and may make you feel more active. Some people may become lost in their emotions of easily triggered during the full moon. When you take the time to learn how to harness the full moon energy you can use this as a tool and creative outlet

An example of a ritual might include:

Bathing/Moon Bathing

Lighting candles



Letting go what no longer serves you

(What you are ready to let go of?)

Setting out moon water and crystals

Writing out examples of what is working for you

(Where you may feel the fire and passion)

May people use fire and water to let these things go. Setting out water and crystals to charge is also a common practice for many individuals.

The full moon is in the sign of Leo 🦁 which may have you feeling pleasant and proud. This sign is all fire, and passions burn brightly. Especially if you have other signs of fire within your birth chart. The moon being in the sign of Leo can make you feel as though you are on a quest or you may get fired up with burning ambition. Leo is generous and magnanimous, characterized by ambition, creativity and divinity. All your actions at this period might seem like acting and being the center of attention.

The sign of the lion is also the ruler of the fifth house of romance and self expression. During this time you will want to get in tune with your desires and express them in a more confident way. While Valentine's Day lands on a boring Monday, the full moon in the sign of Leo will lead you to your burning desires. Confident, fun-loving and big hearted Leo ♌ you can expect to feel empowered, optimistic and exuberant during this full moon.

The moon will be directly opposite from the sun in Aquarius ♒. This effect will bring light and dark the fire and air. Leo is ruled by the sun and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn 🪐.

Venus and Mars Conjunction

A conjunction mean two or more planets are in the same place. Conjunctions can be considered easy or a challenging time depending on which astral bodies are involved. (However, we need to have an open mind that these can go either way.) Venus and Mars, the plant of sex, energy and action we will be more confident and expressive in our relationship.

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