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Full Moon in Aquarius ♒

Both July and August will have full moon's in the sign of Aquarius. Use things to ground yourself that will help best align yourself with this watery Full moon energy. The sign of Aquarius leads to intuitive ideas, intuitive abilities, clairvoyance and downloads during this full moon energy emotions are also heightened.

All full moons occur when there is an opposition between the moon and the sun. This present tension and changing our lives in a positive way. The opposing side the sun🌞 being in Leo 🦁 brings in themes of looking out for ourselves, a very ego heavy and wanting to shine above the rest. The duality of these signs, the opposite end of the wheel to see the pros and cons of Aquarius energy leads us to reflect from new intuitive perspective. In aspects of our lives that requires us to look within. Leo at the surface looks egocentric care for and looking out for oneself first before the collective.

There are a few things in transit. Charilko conjuncts the full moon and is the largest asteroid in our solar system. The conjunction in general is when two astral bodies are coming together and signifies unity/coming together energetically. We are likely to see themes of ways we can heal from past pains and tramas. We can also be healing for others during this time and the collective. Not everyone will follow the same path and everyone's path to healing is unique.

The asteroid Chiron enters retrograde between the sun and Uranus. Now similar to Charilko, Chiron has been acknowledged in astrology for centuries for it's energtic influence in our lives. Chiron is labeled the wounded healer of the astral bodies in our solar system. Ancient Egyptian labeled Chiron, Anubis the God of the Afterlife and Lost Souls. The wounded healer is influences how we respond to triggers, past wounds and how we transmute or process our past life experiences. Not only for ourselves but also for the collective.

When Chiron is in retrograde we may be asked to process the triggers and come through that with a better understand of ourselves and the world. This full moon there may be alot of triggered people walking around. Not everyone is in the same place and if someone is not ready to break down the past tramas and heal. They may not be in a space to understand how to process their emotions and help other people. It is important to remember the importance of boundaries especially during time of heightened emotions, the full moon. When you are ready to open up and process the triggers that could be a catalyst to knowing your true self.

During this full moon you might feel the cosmic spotlight illuminating what has not been working for us. You may feel emotionally sensitive during this time and it is possible to have heightened downloads through dreams or messages. Respond to triggers that met be coming forward and if we are ready to process and transmute these emotions to catalyst to learning more from our deeper selfs

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