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Full Moon in Cancer ♋ January 17, 2022

Wolf Moon

The full moon in January is often called a wolf moon. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac the wolf moon was given it's name dating back to the Native American Tribes and early colonial times when wolves would howl outside of villages. Wolves were once assumed to be howling because of hunger but overtime it was understood as a way to mark territory, hunt and find other pack members.

Moon Rituals

When the full moon is at it's peak many people take time to harness the moon's energy. Many people will take part in rituals often charging water with the Moonlight to cleanse and empower yourself for the upcoming month. Doing rituals during the full moon can help you heal, forgive and let go of what is no longer serving us.

Full Moon in Cancer

While the moon is in the sign of Cancer we will feel most secure surrounded by family and friends cooking or staying cozy around the fire. The watery energy of Cancer you will be prone to emotional fluctuations. During this time you may feel like you have a better sense of belonging due to emotional manifestations.

Trine Aspect

When there is a trine in astrology all the planets involved will flow in harmony. The trine between the moon and Neptune will give us a active imagination, empathy and an excellent understanding for art. The moon is in the sign in of Cancer🦀 and Neptune will be in the sign of Picses 🐟, meaning that these are both water signs and have a very dreamy element. You may feel things really deeply during this time and perhaps be more in touch with your emotions.

The Opposition

There is an opposition between the moon and Pluto. Oppositions are generally challenging aspects, but because opposites can attract they can also bring out both sides of the issues indicate by the astral bodies involved. As we have talked about the moon is in the sign of Cancer 🦀(water sign) and pluto is in the sign of Capricorn 🌎 (earth sign). The earth isa patient element that knows good things take time. This opposition can be very one sided with extreme emotions during this time. Remember the importance of staying grounded and connected to the present moment.

2022' s First Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is known to be a difficult time as it puts focus on communicating with friends, thinking unconventionally and working toward shared goals in a collaborative way. When we work consciously with the Mercury Retrograde energies we are connected within our charts (identifying in which house and over which of your planets). Mercury Retrograde is a good time to rethink and revisit goals and other commitments in our lives related to communication. Generally Mercury Retrograde takes place for times a year this happens when Mercury appears to be moving backwards across the sky.

Important to Note

Mercury Retrograde 2022

  • January 13 - February 3

  • May 10 - June 2

  • September 9 - October 1

  • December 28 - January 18 (2023)

Uranus/Venus Retrograde

Towards the end of the month Uranus will end it's five month long backspin. Uranus is the planet of chaos and all things unpredictable. This retrograde can cause mayhem and throw us curve balls. Venus retrograde that started on December 19, 2021 Will be in retrograde until January 29, 2022. The venus retrograde will have us digging deep rehashing emotional drama that we have uncovered. As these planets more forward into the original transits things will begin to settle.

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