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Full Moon in the sign of Gemini ♊ December 18, 2021

The full moon in December is commonly refered to as a cold moon or snow moon. This is because of the season that we are in as fall is coming to a close and we are getting into the colder parts of winter. Most of the moon's were named by indigenous communities and farmers who have a link from nature. Each of the moon's nicknames are reflected with the seasons and other nature during the illuminations peak each month.

The moon will be in the sign of Gemini during the full moon, which will bring up themes related to relationships, intuition and emotions. Gemini can be like a chameleon and can shift and change with ease. Gemini can bringing themes of logically thinking and a time to enjoy the exchange of communication. During the peak of the full moon energy people become more inclined to be out and about and connecting with others. Gemini will bring up themes of communication and will be an optimal time for socializing. We can find new insights and realizations through the people we surround ourselves with.

On the night of the full moon we will see a trine with Jupiter that will bring in themes of optimism and luck. A trine in astrology indicates energetic acceptance and support between the astral bodies involved. The moon is in Gemini Impacting communication and the trining (supporting) with Jupiter bringing in expansion and socialization. This transit can offer growth and help you answer the questions you seek.

Venus is known for love and relationships and is conjunct with Pluto the planet of transformation, rebirth and new cycles. A conjunct aspect creates a blending of these two energies of Venus and Pluto. Now is an optimal time to seek deeper connection within our relationships and emotions with loved ones. You may feel a longing for that connection weather it be intimate or platonic, but may feel difficult to achieve during this time.

The day after the full moon, Venus will go into retrograde. How will we be affected when Venus goes into retrograde? Venus can impact relationships and finances. Now is the time to be more conscious of spending habits and Venus can bring upon unique encounters that lead to karmic relationships. I find this very interesting and will reflect on it in meditation.

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