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Full Moon in the sign of Pisces

The harvest moon got it's name from farmers because it is the time they are reaping last crops of the summer season. As the summer comes to an end and the seasons change into the colorful season of autumn. The harvest moon will appear in the evening of September 20, 2021 at 7:54 EST . (in the US and Canada). Any where from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening will be a peak time to do full moon rituals and manifestations. The harvest moon is set apart from the rest because it is named after the autumn equinox. The autumn equinox also known as Mabon , is when day and night are at equal length. This is a time of great balance and a time to ground ourselves in nature. Here, the Mabon will take place on September 22, 2021. The harvest moon is a time when farmers are collection their last crops of the summer season. This is a time for reaping what has been sewn and i love to talk about how our lives can mirror the rhythms and flows of mother nature. We aren't necessarily suppose to be on all the time in our own way we each have our own ups and downs, the summers and winters and falls and springs of our own life. As we reflect on the on the past summer season things will illuminate during the full moon bringing to light what has and has not be working for you

Just as we see in nature as the leaves start to fall during this autumn seasons well as the moon, light begins to wane as it falls away from the peak full moon period. now is a good time to reflect and set intentions on what we need to let go of and release. We can do this by full moon rituals, rewriting self limiting beliefs and mindsets, and focusing on what we need to release so we can become better versions of ourselves. If you have any planetary placements in Pisces you are likely to feel this full moon more strongly because your planets are closer to the full moon. The full moon is the climax of the lunar cycle that has taken place since the last full moon cycle. It is an important time to reflect on goals and manifestations that you have created over the last lunar cycle and taking time to journal, write out and heal from some self limiting beliefs coming up during this time. Pisces is a water sign of intuition, empathy, imagination romance now could be an optimal time to set intentions within those areas and pay more ,attention to how our emotions and intuitions shows up during this time. With the moon is opposing the sun in Virgo we are presented interesting lessons about how we can can balance the Virgo energy with keeping order and balance with the Pisces energy of holding space for our spiritual health, imagination and intuition.

The Full moon is in opposition of the sun. The moon is in conjecture Neptune and the sun is almost at conjunction with Mars and Neptune ( this actually has happened a few days before the full moon so the energy is not as strong or clear). At a mundane level we may feel like this full moon brings an end to something we have all suffered from or are suffering from. We may feel as a collective, this suffering is at the peak or its climax. As this feeling pain or suffering increases during the peaks, before it goes down, which is how we may be feeling right now. As it reaches the peak we may feel inflammation in the air. and there could be decisions at an institutional level, governmental level that are geared towards bringing the collective suffering to an end. But on the other hand, not everyone will agree with them and there are many people who will say these changes will prolong suffering. This may feel like a blanket type of situation and there's also the possibility there may be an increase of covid cases or that the cases that are being reported on the media. Health care related pushes that may make us feel like we are being forced or things are being shoved in our faces.

This may also bring us as a collective to have this collective vision or illusion. When the moon is in conjunct with Neptune it can bring in a lot of confusion and it is also connected with spirituality and higher realms of existence. With the full moon being conjunct with Neptune people may have an inevitable feeling of being lost or they may not know where they are headed. At this time i feel it is very important to remind you that we need to ground and protect ourselves, not is a great time to reconnect with nature and going within. This may be a time for illusions to be exposed and reality will be shining through. the Bubble has burst and the truth you may be having will be coming to light. We are waking up and coming to terms with reality being able to clearly see what it has to offer.

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