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Hunter's Moon Full Moon in Aries ♈

You may have heard this full moon called a Hunter's Moon or Blood moon or as some indigenous cultures call it the Sanguine Moon. All of these names refers to the first full moon of Autumn. This is a transition period of our seasons as summer fades away and the crisp leaves make their way to the earth. This is a time for reaping what was sewn and in light of preparation for the winter ahead. We do through the seasons just like the earth, plants and animals; it is important to be cognitive of those things. That could look like changing habits with the seasons, waiting until the sun is up before we wake.

Now is a good time to check in with ourselves and where the cosmos are and where we are as the collective. The full moon in Aries ♈ will be a firey one. You may feel the potency of the energy days before and after the full moon. This energy is fire, motion, and warrior spirit almost like a whirlwind and feeling like everything is happening at once. Let's dive into this more together and the Aries energy doesn't have to feel so overwhelming.

The sun is in Libra this lends qualities for empathy and balance. The moon is in Aries which sends out self confidence and authenticity. These aspects will urge us to strike a balance between our personal interests and interpersonal interests. Bring us to a place where we can hold space for ourselves and us as the collective.

I think it is also important to mention when Mecury and Jupiter end their retrograde on October 18, 2021. Which has been ruling over our thinking processes. Some may feel like the air has been cleared, mental clarity and some may feel as though a veil has been lifted.

Moon has squared with Pluto, the planet of changes, upheaval and the subconscious. As some of you may already know a square aspect in astrology usually represents heightened tension and obstacles coming from the astral bodies involved. Pluto the planet of the subconscious and what's lies below the surface, is squaring off with the moon in Aries the astral body that impacts our emotions. This transit is known to be compulsive and lead to emotional behavior. This can be linked to things coming to the surface like triggers. On the other side of the coin tension and obscales tend to promote action to be placed to change the route of our path.

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