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Karmic Relationship

When you have an intense levels of attraction to someone you may question if this person is a soulmate or twin flame soul connection. When a person comes sweeping I to our lives it is ironic that karmic relationships and twin flame connection are some of the most commonly confused type of soul love connections. This is because at the root of these relationships are very different and they are entirely opposite.

Where karmic relationships are about feeling attraction to another person based on unhealed wounds or patterns which have drawn us into this connection. This happens so we can break free of these karmic cycles or patterns. Twin flame are drawn together and attracted magnetically to one another. When they are completely whole and have healed from their wounds and are radiating their true authentic selfs on their soul mission.

How do I distinguish a karmic relationship between other forms of soul or love connections? Such as a twin flame relationship.

Although this may seem like a simple technique it requires radical self honesty . And requires being completely honest with yourself and this actually might take some time to unravel. This is something that would be important to meditate on for a period of time, as your intuition answers your question. When you ask yourself questions it is imperative you are completely honest with yourself.

What are some question's to ask while in meditation?

What is attracting me to this person? It is not about the physical appearance, I am talking about the energetic roots or soul connection with this person. What conversations with them that brought you closer to that person. You need to allow yourself the time to answer. This is because it's not just about the way you feel and why you feel that way. Very often feelings of attraction, physical attraction when you look at them, unconsciously when we are attracted one another there is something that pulls us closer together. When we look at someone that we find physically attractive we are really connected to the magnetic pull of their aura. We are feeling their auric field.

Twin flames connect our auric field and find each other most attractive when they become fully clear. When I say clear I am meaning the auric field is healed and shining. This allows these two people connect with each other's soul because they share an identical soul frequency. The law of attraction pulls the twin flames magnetic pull more intensely to one another.

Why will we feel attractive qualities in a karmic relationship?

This happens to us because this person represents to you some type of unhealed unwound or pattern in us that needs healing. When we meet a karmic partner the reason that the attraction we feel is like a broken puzzle piece we need to heal and this person connecting perfectly to their broken edges. Each person will have their own unhealed wounds or wounded pattern that lines up with one another. Some people would call this trauma bonding, although there isn't necessarily a known trauma that has to be involved. Some kind of wounded or negative energetic pattern within our being, pulling us to this person, feeling the attraction.

Let's dive into this and see if you have any signs of being in a karmic relationship.

When you are attracted to wounded pattern's of another you may feel a strong distraction from your life's purpose, your passion and what you want to do with your life. When your look at your relationship with a karmic partner this person will not lead you into deeper layers of self discovery and coming into your true soul purpose. They may help you learn you have an unhealed pattern but will not assist you to move toward your soul purpose while you are in the relationship or connection.

You may find yourself feeling frazzled or chaotic after being with them. When you and a karmic are falling in love with each other and will often feel confusing, chaos and as though you are not following your purpose with this direction. You will never get a chance to discuss the wound that is recognized in the karmic within the person. When you discovered this unhealed wound that will lead to positive changes or progress within your life and yourself. The person will start to pull away from you or will be very uncomfortable with your growth and development. With twin flames the exact opposite happens, you can grow and develop your soul purpose and radiate your most authentic self. The twin flame relationship will grow and evolve together.

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