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My interesting week.

Good evening,

Last week we got informed my son was exposed to covid 19 at daycare. Being that I also work at the daycare he goes to I felt it was necessary to get a test for him and myself. When we went we got both the rapid test and the other that takes time to get back to us. Unfortunately his rapid test came back positive and mine was negative. I believed he was sick or just not himself. Well, long story short my little family became house bound for the last ten days. We got great news today that his was a actually negative when we got the results back from his other covid test. It was such a relief and we are ready to get out of the house and go back to work.

I'm really just typing this out to get you a little backstory on what has been going on in my life. So I have gone from a busy full time working momma. To a stay at home, trying to stay busy and I realized that my busy routine and my quick 5/10 minute morning and evening practice where just not enough. I was in a drained state thinking my son was sick but hardly showing any signs or symptoms. It was such a fantastic time indulge in some self care. Doing some healing meditations that I have not been able to do. I worked through some feeling of doubt and insecurities I have bringing this little passion of mine to life!

As the full moon is coming near I feel her energy and I'm pulling all of these stagnant energies out. When I feel these things coming up it is hard to not just push it back down. To grow and let go these self limiting beliefs I need to rewrite them! It is always something I struggle with but the best way for myself to rewrite these beliefs is through positive affirmations.

Listening to morning affirmations while having coffee and some me time has how I survived this week! Meditation and moving my body in dancing or yoga. Spending time walking the dog or being outside to take breaks when it was possible.

I cant wait to share how readjusting back to work and school goes for us. I perceive it in a positive light as if we never left.

I have exciting things to share for upcoming valentine's day self care products.

You will see them in the very near future!

Love and light

Katie Donovan

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