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New Moon ♐ December 4, 2021

The New moon in December is often referred to the cold moon because it summarizes the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. For those who follow their star signs, this new moon will fall between Gemini and Sagittarius periods. The eclipse will also appear to set with the new moon and bring in themes of proceeding with caution, before better things are revealed.

How do we use this energy to it's full potential?

The new moon is normally a good time to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle, while the new moon is a eclipse it is a better time to reflect and using this time to write, journal, be creative and do what you feel called to do. What lights your fire? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. I have had some self limiting beliefs that keep surfacing. This shows me that I have not gotten to the root of the problem or there might be more healing to do. Because this lunation is connected to a long spanning eclipse cycle (starting in June of 2020.) This is a beautiful time to reflect on the spiritual expansion and personal evolution we’ve experienced over the past two years. Seek answers to your heart’s burning questions by looking inward.

This new moon in Sagittarius will rise alongside Mercury, the planet of communication, this influence can inspire us to have more clarity during this time and being able to navigate our emotions through the eclipse’s chaos with a stronger sense of logic. Mercury’s, Saturn’s and Uranus’ involvement aspects to this New Moon will only heighten this energy, pushing for thoughtful communication around any sudden changes that arise. We will be looking at our lives and who we want to be. Now is the time to set intentions towards becoming a better version of yourself.


This eclipse will teach us to trust our inner voice and embrace our Truth.

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