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New Moon in Libra October 6, 2021

Understanding the cosmological cycles and connecting with the moon has changed my life. This connection allows me to live my life with more compassion for myself and others. I also have alot more awareness of what is going to come up inside of me and how to address what is coming up and heal from the process. Knowing what is going on energetically and tapping into the moon's energy has really helped me become present and navigate my life more gracefully.

Today I am excited to tap into this new moon energy of Libra and share some important aspects of the new moon. The new moon brings us spaciousness and it is the time to plant the seeds of intentions. Now is the time to manifest what we desire. The new moon is black 'the void' and there is an emptiness. This can create the perfect space to start fresh. Now is the time to manifest because this emptiness can be look at like an opportunity and clean slate. And this dark moon 🌑 allows us time to focus on our desires and intentions to grow and flourish into who we are meant to be. During this time of rebirth and opportunity an old version of ourselves is dieing to make space for something new.

There are many planets now is the sign of Libra, ♎ including the moon and sun. 🌞. We are all going to feel the potency of the new moon because Libra is the sign of ✌️ and finding the beauty within things and sharing that with others. This balance of peace, balance ⚖️ and justice many not show itself to us in a peaceful manner. I am feeling as well as others may also feel this revolutionary energy that is surrounding us almost as though to say do the work and peace will come. There is a call for the truth for truth to be revealed in order for peace to come in. Once the truth is unveiled all parties involved can come to an agreement or understanding of one another. You may feel apologies are starting to arise. This could come from others apologizing to you or things coming up where you may be ready to make amends. The new year is right around the corner and if an apology is in order now is the time to apologize.

A few days after the new moon on October 8th mercury will go back into direct which will make more sense and things will start going more accordingly to plan. This feeling of linear energy and clarity sweep over us and things will make more sense and start going more accordingly to plan. The Libra energy blankets us and it is a good time to hash things out that are on our hearts and on your mind. You may feel like your given a better opportunity to hash things out with the influence of Mercury retrograde.

These feelings of the past that may be creeping up on us that need to be dealt with. It is possible an ex will come into the picture and it might be time to talk about what didn't work in your relationship. We could say this is your chance of resolution to bring up things that where left unsaid. This opportunity to reflect on why the relationship didn't work out could bring to light lessons that we where meant to learn. It is important to spread light on these feelings and have some closure or healing take place. While we are talking about exes I think it is important to bring up just because you are having this discussion with an old partner does not necessarily mean you will allow yourself filling back into this person's life and vice versa. This conversation may just be happening to bring light to mistakes that may have been made and the lessons we have learned from it.

This is the time to cultivate inner peace and understand what it means to us. When you are able to find stillness within yourself the world 🌎 will still run crazy but your are able to step back and appericate the little things. Prioritize yourself and your time by setting healthy boundaries with others.


Important reminder 😃You can't fill up others with and empty cup. Your cup needs to be filled up first

Mecury is in retrograde until October 18th and things are coming up now for a final look. This could look like people of the past popping up and more specifically issues that you have had with certain people. These things are coming up to be review to make sure you have effectively closed this cycle or see if it is time to make amendments. This could be on partnerships, friendships and coworkers now could be the time to learn healthy boundaries with people who are unhealthy. What I mean by unhealthy is someone who doesn't lift you up and attribute to you becoming the best person you can be. Evaluating the people you have within your circle and whether they make you feel good or if it is time to set the proper boundaries. Take time to evaluate these things that are coming up to become a better version of ourselves.

Set intentions during the new more more specifically in romance and relationships. Set intentions using creative outlets to focus on designs, projects and goals you would like to achieve. Now is the time to visualize peace and what this means to you. Is it the stillness of the heart being connected to the mind body and soul. Limiting your use of social media or the people we surround yourselves with. For everyone this feeling of peace is different explore what peace looks like to you. Feel free to comment below.

♎ Libra challenge

Libra energy wants us to see the beauty in things so I challenge you to...

Bring beauty into your life

Bring beauty into your space

& Bring beauty to someone else

You could also add some beautifying rituals into your new moon practice like getting your nails done or making someone else happy with something beautiful.

New Moon Blessings!

Kate ❤️

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Katie Donovan
Katie Donovan
Oct 07, 2021

Heyy all. Peace to me means finding a place of surrender where I am vulnerable but safe and protected and loved. I find this when I am connected to source through nature or in meditation. Join in I would love to hear what other meaning of peace. Lots of love 💗 Kate

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