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New Moon in Virgo September 6, 2021

Today I have been thinking about about this upcoming full moon.. probably because I am a Virgo moon and I am already feeling the energy. Now would be an amazing time to check out your chart and see if you have Virgo in any aspects in your natal chart. This can lead you to other ways you can utilize the new moon energy this lunar cycle.

The new moon as I am sure I have said before is the time for new beginnings, starting fresh and it is a fabulous time to set some goals for the upcoming moon cycle. With the new moon being in Virgo you may feel called to set order to your home by organization and cleaning. This might not be limited to solely your physical space and you may also feel the need to ground and cleanse some parts of your soul, clearing out and leaving behind past behaviors, people or thought patterns that may be negative or leaving your feeling stagnant.

This is the last new moon of the summer, summers ending and it can be an especially lucky time for setting personal intentions. We will dive into the transit surrounding the new moon on September 6 and all of which Virgo season has to offer. During a new moon our energy can also wane with the moon and we can feel called to draw our energy inward and reflect and get clear on what our intentions are for the new moon cycle. The new moon is a constant reminder that we always have new opportunities for fresh starts new moon rituals are a time for use to get present and grounded, especially with the earth sign of Virgo energy being present. You can get clean through writing out intentions and going forward and revisiting ones from the past. Now with this new moon being in the analytical, helpful and critical earth sign of Virgo it will be an optimal time for formulating and rewriting past goals and really being specific.

We will see the sun and moon align in the sign of Virgo to create a trine aspect with Uranus. As you may or may not know about, trines in astrology describe when astra bodies come together and spark harmony an synchronicity between the two to three astral bodies energies. With Uranus being the planet of awakening, innovation and sometimes it sudden changes along with this new moon being in the sign of Virgo a sign of organization being critical and analytical of a life around us. This transit suggests that we will be more mentally primed for change, reviewing and improving upon our routines surrounding work and schedules. What I find themes of organizing home or office space, tidying and other things in that realm. We will develop a deeper self acceptance when you can create your own way and not feel like it needs to fit perfectly in a specific box. What may work for one person may not for another and that is okay. Uranus and Virgo are in alignment with creating order and changing and being able to structure organization.

Uranus is in retrograde that started on August 19, 2021 and ends in January 18, 2022. This retrograde is more subtle then stressful like we perceive Mercury retrograde to be. Giving us time to slow down and this teaches us to process life's changes, and how we can implement the lessons into our daily lives. We can use this retrograde to create schedule's, balance work and home life. By creating routines that work with us can allow us to flow smoothly.

Virgo's ruling planet of mercury and mara are also in the sign of Virgo. The cluster of this planetary energy in the sign of Virgo will really lend itself to our work flow and our abilities to be more attentive and work on projects because you may be feeling more detail oriented.

I feel called to remind you while new moons are often view as times for reflection, rest or more of a low point of energy as the moon is not full. This is also spark a creative flow and people can feel more energized during this time. Virgo is a earth sign and now will be a good time to connect with mother earth, get outside and sit with nature. Go to your nearest body of water and time a moment to ground yourself.

Blessed Be!

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