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New Moon January 2 , 2022

The new moon is the beginning of a Iunar cycle this is a good time to plant seeds. The new moon offers us an extra boost of attention setting energy. We can use this as an opportunity to create and preform rituals that help us manifest a more balanced future. The sparkly new moon energy can be harnessed and you can use this time to visualize and set intentions. Creating rituals for the new moon will allow you to tune into your inner world and use the energies available bro manifest in the external world.

The new moon is in Capricorn and this may bring up themes of practical solutions, you may feel very persistent and are able to set very realistic goals at this time. Now is the time to rest and replenish, just as the cycles of the seasons. The winter is a time to hibernate, take the time to rest and replenish. The new moon will look different for everyone. This could look like resting your body physically or taking time to write down your thoughts. Whatever might be coming up needs to be looked over. Doing so will heal trauma and allow the feeling to energetically flow through you.

I love looking at the different aspects during the phases of the moon. This allows me to better understand why some things are coming up and what might need some healing.

With this being a new year, I am taking time to be planted and within this darkness a light will shine through. This growth will be so vibrant and beautiful 🥰. Let's plant the seeds and watch the grow to fruition in the upcoming year. I am healing what is coming up for me and allowing myself to feel the emotions I am having. Taking the time to sit within this emotion will become a powerful tool.

All the abundance and blessings for 2022 💖

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