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Using "I AM" Affirmations

Today i want to teach you how to shift your perspective ad write and affirmation that will bring you confidence to your words. Being extremely clear with what you desire and putting a positive spin will help you manifest what you truly desire into your life. You will find this clarity by sitting with yourself in mediation or journaling. Why are I am affirmation so important? We create what we identify with and what we believe we are. when you feel as though you are unworthy you will create that with your thoughts. Every aspect of your life is. What we feel, think, and say. when we feel a certain way about an aspect of your life it is recreated out there into your physical life. It is a refraction of what is happening inside of you. Most importantly what is being refracted is your self concept or your beliefs about yourself. So, whatever you believe about yourself you will received outside confirmation that this is true and this is why I am statements are so powerful.

However your see yourself, "I am blank," will show up in your reality. Now, you are very powerful and get to choose how you get to finish that statement. " I am successful," "I am healthy," "I am a good partner in a committed relationship." It is important to talk as highly of yourself as you would for a friend. We tend to talk to ourselves in a negative light, which will bring just that into your life. I remember watching something on Facebook a few months ago that was really powerful to me. they took a group of young women and asked them to write down the things they find displeasing about themselves. after When they were down they were asked to read of those things. The younger sisters' then came in and the women were asked to read those things to their sister. They all said no they wouldn't read the hateful things they say about themselves to their sister. These things can be extremely damaging to your self esteem and along with negative self talk. Your mind begins to shift into into the positive when using I am affirmations.

I think i would like to get into it a little bit deeper and I would like to write a blog that will be available for you on Wednesday called Rewriting self limiting beliefs. It is a way i was able to focus on myself in a positive life and help gain control of anxiety that had overcome me/ This is not the only thing that helped me through it but a small piece to the puzzle. doing the work and being able to heal with "I am" affirmations is crucial in bringing what you ant into your life.

Here is a quick example, I do not look good in my clothes anymore.--->self limiting belief. When you rewrite it it could look something like this, I am beautiful.. It may be time to go shopping if this dress does not fit me the same after having a baby. You may not always need to say the whole thing but it helps change your perspective to give yourself grace as you are changing the self limiting belief.

I would like to start sending out email reminders so if you are interested in my blog you will know about it as soon as they come out. I am still new to blogging and learning the ways of the land but i want all this information to be reaching the people who might really need it.

Love and Light


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