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Wildcrafting for Salves and Plant Allies

Have you ever wondered about the power of herbal magick? Are you looking for a deeper connection to your environment and the plants around you? If so, then wildcrafting is the perfect way to start your herbal magick journey. Wildcrafting can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as it allows us to connect with our plant allies while simultaneously collecting their sap and infusing it into oil.

What is Wildcrafting?

Wildcrafting is the practice of collecting plants from their natural habitats, such as forests, wetlands, meadows and mountains. This practice can range from collecting herbs for medicine-making to harvesting edible wild plants for food. For those interested in herbal magick, wildcrafting provides an opportunity to not only collect medicinal plants, but also to build relationships with them and learn about their properties.

The Benefits of Wildcrafting

When we wildcraft with intention, we are able to create a deeper relationship with the plants we work with. We begin to better understand how they grow and interact in nature, which allows us to use them more effectively in our own lives. Additionally, when we collect in this mindful way, we are able to take only what we need—ensuring that these precious resources will be available for future generations.

How To Get Started With Wildcrafting

If you’re new to wild crafting, here are some tips on how get started: 1) Start with common species found near your home before venturing out into unfamiliar areas; 2) Always leave enough of each plant behind so that it can continue growing; 3) Be respectful of nature—leave no trace after harvesting; 4) Research local laws before harvesting any species; 5) Take someone experienced along with you – this is especially important if you plan on harvesting anything rare or endangered; 6) Give thanks when harvesting – this could be through prayer or song or simply by giving gratitude for being allowed access to these powerful plant allies.

Wildcrafting can be a wonderful way to connect deeply with nature and our plant allies while simultaneously gathering the supplies necessary for herbal magick. Whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, there’s always something new to explore when it comes to wild crafting. So go ahead — grab your bag and get ready for a magical adventure!

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