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About Moon Groove

About Moon Groove

Katie Donovan

Moon Groove is not your average company, we hope visting us will spark a light inside of you a light that can not be dimmed. be a person that feels one with nature and understands the connection's with the lunar cycles and how it conincide with the ups and downs of life.  


When we look down the road we see such a beautiful future for Moon Groove.  We see a safe place to ask questions for personal growth. We see a young girl's eyes spark with curisoity when she learns that our eyebrow serum is made with herbs found in her garden. And we see a gentleman with eyes of wonder after he feels the heal eneru of crystals for the first time. 

We see the tired momma learning to love herself where she is at.  We see you! 

We see the vunerable growth and new roads for us to take, because we are not the type to follow the crowd.

We are teaching, sharing and accepting.


Moon Groove's mission is to share with others how to connect with the moon and the importantance of the nature rythems of the earth.  We achieve this by providing tip and ritual tools to enhance one's experiance with the lunar cycle.  creating this spae has called us to become one with nature and learn to use plants as medicine.

 We us all organic herbs and quaily oils to create each of our products.  we ha slaves available for healing and dryness as well as other skin aliments.  


When purchasing crystals we always buy from reptuable sellers that only sell ethically sourced and harvested crystals.  We also ensure that we us organic herbs that are also ethically sourced and harvested.  This is very important to us, as we respect the earth and all the beauty we see in nature.  

It is incredibly important to know where our products are coming from and how the crystals are taken from the earth and how they are cared for before they arrive at our door.  


We  pride oursleves on using natural, high quailty ingredients in each of our products.  We choose to create our salves, bath and body oils and lip balms with quaility ingredients and vox to use local sources whenever possible.  

For our beginning to our flourishing Moon Groove  focuses on support other small and local business' from our suppliers to shipping providers.


in our fast world it is easy to become dissconnect from nature, oursleves and our truest desires.  Moon Groove endeacors to uplift our customers spirits through beautiful crystals and healing herbal medicine.  

Our jewlery, moon boxes and herbal products, each in a special way, connect our customers to nature.  We do so by using healing crystals and organic herbs  from the earth to create  unique nature inspired designs.  

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