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Copper Flowers 

Introducing our latest addition - beautiful flowers designed just for you and your intentions. These flowers are perfect for any occasion and will add a touch of elegance to your space. Order now and experience the beauty of these unique flowers.

The heart of 

Moon Groove

 Katie Lynn Donovan
The heart of 
Moon Groove
 Katie Lynn Donovan

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Do you experience a magnetic pull towards copper when it is paired with crystals, whether worn as a pendant around your neck or elegantly adorning your wrist in the form of a bracelet? The spiritual essence of copper is palpable in both instances, resonating with its metaphysical properties.

I kindly craft a sophisticated piece discussing the synergistic amplification of copper and crystals. Elaborate on copper's spiritual conductivity and its ability to enhance the energetic attributes of crystals. For instance, when encased in copper, a rose quartz emanates profound self-love due to the amplifying effect of copper on the crystal's inherent properties.

Hello, my name is Katie I am a crystal healer, moon lover and herb enthusiast. 

I enjoy walks after the rain, flowers popping open at the signs of spring and the love of being a mother and wife.  

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Handcrafted Jewlery inspired by nature.

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