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Let's Talk About the Moon and Its Cycles

Looking for a way to connect with like-minded women? Want to know more about the moon and its cycles? Look no further! Every Friday 9pm est, I will be hosting an Insta-Live session. This is your chance to get to know me (and each other) as we travel together on this journey of learning about the moon and its cycles.

What To Expect From These Sessions

These sessions are designed for us to learn from one another in a judgement free zone. We will discuss different aspects of the moon and its cycles, such as lunar phases, eclipses, astrology, and more. You will have a chance to ask questions, share stories and experiences, and connect with other women who share your interests. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced moon momma—everyone is welcome here!

The Benefits of Connecting With Others

Connecting with others who share your interests has so many benefits! By connecting with like-minded women and having conversations around the topics that interest you most, you can expand your knowledge base, gain valuable insights from others’ experiences, discover new perspectives on things that you already know about, find support for whatever challenges you may be facing in life at the moment—the list goes on! Plus, it’s always nice to have people in your corner cheering you on and celebrating successes together.

It’s time to get connected with like-minded women who share your interest in the moon and its cycles! Join me every Friday 9pm est for my Insta-Live sessions as we explore different aspects of this amazing phenomenon together. I look forward to connecting with each of you soon! See you there!

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