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April 27, 2021 Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

This full moon is called a super moon which means the moon is fully illuminated by the sun making it appear alot bigger. During this time when the moon is in the sign scorpio is a good time to commit to what you might have surfacing in your daily life. It is a time where emotions might feel overwhelming and although it is a good time to communicate your needs, it might cause you to have a difficult time communicating.

The scorpio 🦂 energy will be having you diving beneath the surface being a very honest full moon. It means break through a and realizations coming from spirit and your intuitions. That's the little voice that you like to surpress when you realize something might change if you do something new and you would rather stay in the box and feel comfortable.

Right now Saturn 🪐 and Aquarius are squaring the sun and moon this means to come to growth you need to ask yourself questions like. What do you want to shift in your life to align growth and peace? Are we doing something that nourishes the body, mind and soul or are we just trying to fit in, looking for acceptance and approval. Any blocks that you might be feeling sit with it and find a solution which will help you grow and rise in consciousness.

These questions could be small things like doing something in your daily routine that is no longer working but you continue to do so because that is how you have always done it. Sitting with that and letting it sink in ask yourself this question: What are you afraid to ask yourself today? Ask within why am I supressing or ignoring these questions that could help me grow.

Uranus is opposing the moon and this will bring up alot of questions about changes and shifts. What is authentically you? It is important you discover the core of the problem to to learn and grow from this process. What brings us joy? You need to learn what brings you deep nourishment for the soul and a sense of peace.

Mars is at the 2 degree of cancer 🦀 which plays a role in how secure we feel. Are we able to trust ourselves? Are we trying to fit into a box to keep others happy? Being in a place in life where you can be yourself makes things alot easier then trying to impress others.

The watery sign of the scorpio will bring up if you are being honest in the places that you have been ignoring that keeps up. It is time to remove these blockages instead of not improving! Make changes even if you have to answer other questions that might be uncomfortable or painful. All

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