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Conecting to our souls purpose

One of the reasons I find a spiritual awakening such a magical experience is that we wake up to the realization that there’s an entire army of soul guides behind the scenes, ready to support us. There are different levels of connection that we have with our spirit guides and this article is dedicated to helping you understand and deepen your connection.

How do I hear the voice of my soul?

It’s a question that we don’t commonly ask ourselves unless something feels off in our life. When we feel disconnected from our authentic selves and stuck in a way of being that doesn’t seem to serve us any longer.

This disconnect is often experienced as signs and/or symptoms that show up in our lives. In the post, The Call of Your Soul: 10 Signs Your Soul is Speaking to You, I explore ways that our soul attempts to get our attention.

Pay attention to what expands your energy and what constricts it.

We all have a life force energy that flows through us. This source of energy is a sign from our soul that helps us navigate the forces in our life- one force is fear/constriction and it drives us to remain the same and in our comfort zone. The other force is love/expansion which urges us to move through discomfort in order to become whole and in alignment.

I was hoping to bypass the discomfort of not knowing and have someone give me the answers as to what my soul was asking of me.

Looking back, while I appreciated all of these experiences and people, I realized that the most helpful were those that empowered me to access my own inner wisdom rather than giving me the answers to my questions. Those people who were just a little further along the path understand the process of awakening.

For example, seek out a meditation teacher that teaches you how to meditate rather than just guides you in a nice experience. The angel reader teaches you how to look for your own signs. The spiritual teacher helps you expand your worldview without telling you what to believe. The psychotherapist who understands the awakening process and views depression and/or anxiety as a sign from the soul provides valuable insight. The medical doctor knows you can’t separate the body from the soul.

This journey to connecting with our souls becomes the work of our life. To heal, grow, and evolve by living a life that aligns with who we are meant to become. When we do, we begin to feel vital, connected, and like our lives matter.

I hope this is helpful. There are days like today I transfer journal entries right from my journal. Sometimes the things I write after mediation are not meant to be shared but I think this info has been flowing through me to share with you all❤️

I have been feeling this shift in changing what I am feeling and the hurdles I am jumping through, to sharing to help others, to teach others the connection we have to the earth, the moon and nature as a whole. Stick by to learn more!!!

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