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Everything you need to know about Violets

Good morning my loves,

Today is the day I am finally getting this blog up although I wrote it about a week ago. I have been in a bit of a funk and not really in a creative mood. I have been enjoying the warmer weather and getting the garden planted and ready for growth.💗 Each week I want to highlight a plant and share the uses and what the benefits are. I am still working in a catchy name for this series but until then it's Everything you need to know. 😃 Let's get to it!!

Violets like to grow in shady areas and easy spread out taking over the ground. These little flowers can be deep blue or purple, lavender, and white and pop up in early spring. These plants are native species to Europe and Asia but have been introduced to North America and Australia. Follow below for uses of these edible flowers.

The shape of the violet is almost that of a heart or a womb. This really resonates with me especially right now because I have been doing alot of womb healing. I have allowed myself over the years to be my partners punching bag still holding onto their baggage in my womb. This has allowed them to let go to help them shift, change and grow. But it is something that I still harbor deep in my womb. Going through the process recently to heal and allow my self to release and fully embody the goddess that I am. This is indeed a blog coming up but I just wanted to share this now.

My favorite things about Violets

  1. Delicious to eat

  2. Grows best in cool wet shade areas, this suggest what the plant can do for us. Voliets are good to cool and moisten parts of the body that might need cooling in hot weather

  3. Are high in salicylic acid

Voilets help us open up to grief, to soften our armour and allow us to feel the grief. If you are unable to feel the grief you cannot heal. If you suppress it, it will stick around forever and manifests it's self in all sorts of ways, including growths.

What type parts of the plant is used?

The stocks, leaves and flowers can be used. The leaves are a good identifier and curve in as they open and when they are fully open they still have an inward curve. I think of this metaphorically like if we don't feel safe we open our hearts little by little; gradually we realize that having an open heart is the safest way to be: it doesn't mean we don't have boundaries or the ability to say no but we have the ability to say no as well as yes. When we learn to live with our hearts open we can say no while keeping boundaries safe.

Medicinal properties of Violet's

Voliets can be helpful for headpain and headaches. Very good in a water infusion which is very soothing and norishing to the nervous system. Great for breast tissue and often times violets are used to help women who have pain in their breasts during menstruation. Drinking violet tea, infusion or tincture can greatly help women who have cystic breasts or bloating. An oil infusion can often be used topically to dissolve cysts and be placed over breasts and ovaries.

Voilets first blooming flowers in the spring like dandelions. They are an important source of nectar for the bees. The sweet aroma of violets arrive when it is time to celebrate spring and put wet winters behind us. They often have purple, yellow or white flowers that can be made into sugar, syrups, added to salads and in tinctures or oil infusions.

When picking remember balance between us and nature. Don't forget to leave some for the bees and butterflies. Wash before eating be careful where your dog uses the bathroom and avoid that area.

***Do not eat African Violet which are typically found in a garden center. These are not edible and not the same species.***

*Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional. All information shared here is for information and entertainment only. Do your own research and consult your health care provider before treating yourself with any product, plant or mixture. *

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