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Full Moon in Sagittarius

This full moon is also known as the flower moon, blood moon, super moon and there is a lunar eclipse. During this time things that have been manifesting are starting to build up with the full moon in Sagittarius. Before we go into what the transit's are let's talk more about what these different names actually mean. Any total lunar eclipse is called a blood moon. This is when the earth cast's it's shadow on the moon what what is left around, the sun's rays make the moon appear red. A lunar eclipse is an amplification of what is already there and uproot us causing our paths to change or completely change direction, as well as, amplifying the power of the full moon. The super moon is amplified because it is closer to earth.

During this time while our moon is entering the social, physiological sign of Sagittarius. 🏹 This is a time to be open to new approaches and paths to get you where you need to be. Sagittarius will cause us to be more open and honest during this time and allowing us to expand our perspective and our minds.

Other transets coming with the full moon is Gemini Season. On May 20ththe sun will enter the sign of Gemini and that will tap into the social buttery within you. It is a great time to connect with others weather it be virtually through a social media platform or verbally, face to face. It is an important time to recognize all the people, animals and things on this earth are a teacher for you.

All full moon's occur when the earth is between the moon and the sun. This balance between the moon in the sign of Sagittarius and the sun in the sign of Gemini. There is a energetic them being between these two signs causing us to become more energetic. Gemini is air sign that revolves around communication being more social and allow flow. The firey sign of Sagittarius we are called to look within to explore our own philosophies. These two extremes play an important role during this time and can be very complimentary to each other. Both signs are curious understanding our place in the universe and beyond.

Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces which will also amplify your emotions and now is a great time to incorporate skills of mindfulness, meditation, journaling and inspiring conversations. Holding space for the emotions of others and yourself during this time.

Saturn is going into retrograde often associated with stagnation when it comes to work or what we are trying to manifest. This resistance can often cause stress and frustration during this retrograde. When Saturn is in retrograde it is often like a stress test and it is important to see where you can work on yourself using this time to focus on what needs improvement.

How will you feel?

It is important to hold space while emotions are heightened at this time. Enforce the boundaries that you have set for yourself and others . Earth and fire signs will need to hold space for others during this time of heightened energy. Air signs will need to go with the flow and rode the wave of emotions. Use this time to harness the full moon energy and reflect on what no longer serves you. Be still and hold space for intuitive messages.

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