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Kundalini Yoga

As I have been working through my own shadow work I feel called to share something that has been in my mind today. I want to tell you a bit more about my journey with Kundalini. I started follow different yoga practice and I really liked doing the routines through Kundalini and how I felt after a short practice. Last year stayed home with my son for a month before I found a job at a new daycare. The beginning of the pandemic caused alot of chaos and distressed within our world and I was riddled with anxiousness during that time. I decided to take part in a Kundalini Yoga Class. This was virtual which I struggled with in the beginning because I would have preferred an in person setting. Dispate the initial friction I felt with the virtual experience I learned how to find peace within myself. This program was geared towards others like me with anxiety and I have grown to complete other 40 day Kundalini programs. Kundalini Yoga has brought me into a place in my life where I have purpose and I feel whole.

Kundalini is a powerful form of yoga that involves breathing exercises, uses mantras, different kriyas and repetitive poses. The deep awareness and transformation with this form of yoga will create magical shifts within your life. Kundalini Yoga helps us recognize that abundance is our birth right and living from our heart is the path to prosperity. Benefits of a Kundalini awakening would be healing and self improvement, feelings if bliss, increased creativity and increased spiritual connection.


What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy rests like a serpent at the base of your spine. When the dormant energy flows freely upwards through the seven Chakras and leads to an expanded state of consciousness.

The opening of these energy centers leads to an expanded state of consciousness which is also known as as Kundalini Awakening. When we are in a place where we may feel stuck, fearful and insecure practicing Kundalini Yoga can show us the pathway to our highest potential. When our mind is quiet we can more easily connect with source and our highest potential. Becoming aware of what you are feeling in your heart is what you are transforming. You are your own teacher.


The serpent's movement symbolizes Kundalini Energy as it uncoils and rises up the spine. This rises up the spine to do healing and transformation work in the body. As you may see snakes in your dreams during this awakening as brilliant or glowing white snake or colors. You can start your practice slow and increase over time. Let me know if you try it. Send me a message or comment on the forum.

Love and light


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