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Manifestation Monday

Hello all you beautiful souls,

Today I want to start off a little mini series called Manifestation Monday. I am taking the time today to show appreciation toward my own intuition. There has been times in my life I have been unable to connect. Mostly after feeling a lot of self doubt and emotional abuse from an extremely toxic relationship with a narcissist. When you are put in a situation where you are constantly questioning your own self it makes it extremely difficult to decipher your truth or what is being told to you. Once you are able to break the cycle of the abuse you can start to find your true self once again. It is a tremendous healing process and it is not easy but it something that is doable. I think using oracle cards really helped me trust in what the universe and myself where giving to me.

This connects to manifestation because any thought of doubt will not make whatever you are trying to manifest happen. It is important to remember that some things take time to grow and flourish and rushing them or doubting that it is even going to happen will not get you any closer to the goal that you are trying to reach. Although what I went through was not very pleasant I would not be the person I am today if I did not go through those hard times. This co-insides with the trust you need to have within yourself to know you are going where you are suppose to be, at the right time, with out rushing or pushing to reach the goal faster or sooner.

To manifest something into your life it means you are harnessing the energies of the universe and are able to yield the in the direction of bringing your desire to fruition. Able a week ago I realized that people have specialty made boxes for there oracle cards. It was never something i really thought about before but i really thought about it . I spoke out loud that I would love to be able to have a beautiful box that houses my oracle cards perfectly. On Friday, I took a quick trip into the Salvation Army and there was a box that spoke to me. It has very beautiful attributes and until I can afford a box that is solid wood this one will do the job just fine! That may be something extremely small but it is important to notice you manifesting even in something as simple as that. We as humans are constantly manifesting but we could not only be manifesting good but also bad things into your life. When we acknowledge that we made that manifestation happen you are giving your self that little boost to realize you put in out there and it came to you!

Some ways you can manifest would include visualization, affirmations and journaling. When you are focusing your attention on what you want you need to visualize it as if you already have it. For example, if you want a new car sit in that car you want, imagine what color it is and what it would smell like. Picture yourself holding on to that steering wheel, imagine what it would feel like. How would you feel when you are driving it around. Are the windows down with the wind blowing in your hair? Are you jamming out to your favorite tunes? When you visualize as if you already have it there in no sign of doubt that it is not in the card for you. You may not know how but you will get that car just speak as though it is truth. affirmations are a great why to bring things into your life. Using the words "I AM" was they are manifestation powerhouses. I AM in a loving, respectful and committed relationship. I AM a successful business owner. I AM financially Abundant. While journaling it is important to write as if you already have something using those "AM" words. I have a lot more I would love to go over on journaling and differently ways I have manifested but for now I need to wrap things up.

I have so much more to share with you on this subject including

-The power of written word

-The Law of Attraction

-Using "I AM" affirmations

Thank you for checking out my first Manifestation Monday!

Love and Light!


I am uploading these on Sunday Evenings so I don't forget in the morning!

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