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New Moon in Aries

Can you feel the Aries fire? 🔥

This energy is an intense firey cardinal sign representing a time for actualizing and taking action. It is a very powerful time for manifesting, and a great time for planning and speaking up for ourselves. The Aries 🐏 ruling planet in astrology is Mars, the warrior planet, and go getter. During Aries season may feel called to purge and start fresh. Maybe some spring cleaning is in order taking charge and starting new things.

Leading up to the new moon the sun, Venus the planet of love, and Mercury the planet of communication are all entering the sign of Aries. Bout solar system is aligning to our personal growth and self interested during this new season. The new moon the I'll be squaring off with pluto which can bring up subconscious beliefs and energetic blockages to the surface. Self limiting beliefs are what keeps you in the box of comfortablity. These beliefs can keep you from reaching or achieving your goals. Although it sounds painful to get to the core of these beliefs that are traping you it can be constructive by helping you create actionable steps to your goal. On the flip side to that they can be just that. Limiting. Now is fantastic time to write out these self limiting beliefs and potential energetic blocks to understand whether or not they have been constructive in your life.

The new moon being in the sign of Aries means it will be alot easier to stand within your power confidently and expressing yourself. You will be able to confidently express yourself by setting boundaries and saying no. You may start to notice alot if connections and revelations bubbling to the surface surrounding self limiting beliefs.. As these surface and start to unravel you may notice alot of revelations surrounding yourself growth. This will catalyst growth during this time and help you figure out where they might be stemming from

How do you utilize this New Moon energy to it's full potential?

This Aries energy can be harnessed by speaking out loud or clearly visualizing what you desire. What you desire and where do you want to be in the next few months? Help your brain get in the right state by making very practical goals with realistic steps on how to get there and achieve those goals.

To commit to your goals that express positive energy towards the ram ♈. You can do this by using the rams power to charge after your goals with assertiveness. By standing in that power being clear and assertive you man notice you are happier within yourself and more self reliant. Aries is interested in your independence and focusing on filling your own cup first so that it can in fact over flow to others.

Journaling Prompts for the New moon in Aries

  1. What self limiting beliefs are coming up for me today? Limiting beliefs can be subconscious ideas that tell us to stay small in the comfort zone or thoughts of your not good enough or worthy.

  2. What are examples of being assertive that you consider being very valid and doable? Being assertive does not make you rude or domineering.

  3. What are some valuable intentions you have moving forward with this lunar cycle?

  4. Break down intentions and goals into monthly or weekly actionable steps.

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