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As I sit here gathering my thoughts I am taking a moment to write about on the most powerful mediation's I have done that had really changed things for me. It has really put things into prospective for me to see the bigger picture and how we can work together as a collective we can make powerful changes. At a time in my life where I was very broken I joined a group that held mediation sessions. One that I remember very vividly, I did not know it at the time but was a variation of a transcend. I will come back to this in a moment but I would like to share the piece I found at a local thrift shop. I feel like this artwork was mean for me and found and a beautiful time.

On the back I found a sticker that read "Transcend-Ascend Connect, plug in. Be aware of your breath. Feel your energy. Feel it in your body. and then feel it expand to fill the room, fill your hometown, city, state. go as far as you can go. Then return the energy back to your body. Do you feel it? (this part is in red ink.) You are the energy the creates worlds. You are the Creator. Connect often, unplug hourly, be aware of who you really are." These beautiful words and art are a piece creatively done by Kate Lemay

Kate Lemay seems to be a local artists and her art work found me. You can check out her website to see her interesting blog as well as current pieces she has in her collections. I adore her painting and would love to add more into my space!

Any ways, back to my powerful mediation. The group of about ten of us are sitting knee to knee in a circle the meditation instructor opened with us taking some deep breaths to connect with your body. Sitting with yourself and then future connecting with everyone in the room by being instructed to send to everyone in our circle. At this point my heart was just pounding after feeling so broken I was feeling all this love. We sent this love and energy to the building we where sitting, the city and community that surrounds us. And further to your state and to your country and the world. We took a brief moment to sit before we slowly came back to yourself blessing and thanking all the places along the way. It was such a powerful experience for me and has molded me into the person I am today.

Love and Light


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